xnaivetex (xnaivetex) wrote in bad_service,

not bad service, just weird a little bit, thought it was sort of funny actually.

About a week ago I went to Suzy Shier, which is a clothing store for those that might not know. A lot of spring merchandise has been coming out now so a lot of the winter stuff is on sale. I need a lot of dressy type work clothes for work but don't want to spend a fortune on things I'm just getting for work, so I go there to get blazers, and mostly I get the ones on clearance for about $20 because they still look great.

So I went last week and looked at all the clearance blazers and found a row of about 8 really nice ones, black and heavier material with very faint pinstriping and two buttons. I liked it a lot so I looked through and grabbed a size 3, I'm a size 1 but I'm pregnant so I want something I can grow into a bit. I tried it on, loved it, and realized it didn't have the same mark down sticker as the rest of the blazers it was with. So I grabbed the same blazer in a size 9 that had the mark down sticker and brought it up to make things easier.

Now I looked at these to make sure I was grabbing the right one. These 2 blazers were EXACTLY the same, just one was size 3 and one was size 9. Every detail, design, pinstripe was exactly the same.

So I bring it up and tell her that I wanted the sz 3 but it didn't have the clearance sticker so I brought up the blazer in a different size to make it easier, and she rings it in and it rings in at 70$. So she looks at the skus and realized that one is set as winter merch and the other is set as spring merch. I tell her.. "but they're exactly the same.." and she says "Yeah I know, kind of silly, but I guess they're re-releasing this one?". I laugh it off, I bring the sz 9 back to clearance, and put the sz 3 in the weird pile of exactly the same blazers in the front, and go back to clearance and thankfully find one stuffed in a few sections down in size 3 (the smallest size if I didn't find that one, would be the size 9, which would be too large for me). It also does not have a clearance sticker, but I bring it up and cross my fingers, and it rings in properly at $20.

I just think it's funny. They're putting out the exact same blazers for Spring that they did in Winter, but with a $50 dollar difference. I even double checked after I was all rang in, and yep, the blazers are exaccctly the same, down to a T. And some of the new ones are stuck in the clearance ones because even the employees can't tell a difference.

So yeah, not bad service, a little weird on the part of the company, but I got a bit of a chuckle out of it.

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