_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

About a month ago I had to call PG&E to cancel my service. I didn't know the number, didn't have a phone book, so I called 411.

You'd think that it would be simple. I call 411, give them my city and state. The transfer my call. The number that it transferred me to was not PG&E. It went to the voicemail of some woman. So, I call 411 again. They transfer me to the same number. Some lady's voicemail. I call back and say, "I'm trying to get the number to PG&E, but it keeps going to some woman's voicemail." The response I get is this woman practically yelling at me about how the number for PG&E is a 1-800 number and they don't transfer to 1-800 numbers. She said, "You NEED to WRITE IT DOWN AND DIAL IT YOURSELF." I said okay, wrote down the number. Nope, still wrong. I call back and explain what has been going on. The lady I speak to says, "For sure, this is the correct number. I don't know what the problem is" and transfers me. Some guy picks up and says,

"Yes... I'm sorry, I'm trying to -"
"Let me guess... PG&E?"
"Let me guess, 411 gave you this number?"
"Yeah, for some reason, 411 has their number listed as my phone number. So..."
"Oh God. You probably get a ton of calls a day"
"Too many to count. And they won't change it. I have the actual number for PG&E if you want it"
"Thank you! *gets number* I'm sorry! Have a good day"

So, apparently 411 has the number for PG&E as this guy's phone number. :S
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