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Bad service is a nice thing to call this....

So, someone just posted this down at customers_suck, and I thought it was much more of a bad service, at the least. Tell me what you think an employee feeling like getting home to drink beer was more important than helping a poor abuse victim should be?

customers_suck poster: "oh god!

"our large department store attracts alot of bogans. but one in particular stood out from the unwashed masses i served yesterday because she had a black eye. other than that she was a normal bogan: mid 40s, obese, smokes winfields.

"we closed at 6 and 15 minutes later i walked out the partially closed front rollerdoor. around the corner came the same blackeyed bogan in her leopard print top, looking flustered.

"bogan: "er hi, can you help me?"
me: "what?"
b: "you work here dont you?" (looks at uniform and nametag)
me: "yes"
b: "hi, remember me? you served me and then i got a refund and i left me $20 on the counter! is it still there? i just realised now and i've come back..."
me: "well just go back in there and ask, its still open, staff are still in there"
b: "but they wont let me in, please come with me, please"
and at this point, she starts crying. normally i am a sucker for women when they get teary and will do almost anything they ask. but after a long day, i was in a bad mood and wanted to get home as quickly as possible to my beer and chicken and baked potatoes.
i stood there for a while and said nothing, i was amazed. this woman was just blubbering in front of me, and then i saw it all, how her husband had socked her in the eye last night, and how he would smack her up again when he found out that she lost $20 today.
me: "look just go in there, you'll be fine"
and i walked out through the automatic doors and turned the corner to see her hastily-parked car with an angrylooking man in the driver's seat."


EDIT: Looks like the OP deleted the original.
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