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Bad custard

Yesterday I stopped off at this newer frozen custard shop, it's like ice cream for those unfamiliar with frozen custard. I had a single scoop of vanilla custard and it was fine. Tonight, at around 7:45 PM, we went back with the kids - and remember I have six - and bought them each a single scoop of chocolate custard, my husband got a "Boston Shake" (vanilla custard with peanut butter cups), I got my mom a butter pecan custard and I got a banana split. Cost for the custards - about $23 (we paid for the kids custards and the hubby's shake with the credit card and that came to $14.something and my banana split and mom's ice cream with cash for another $7.something).

The only thing in common that we all ate - the custards.

The kids had an early dinner at 5 PM. I left the house to get the hubby from work and to run errands at 5:35 PM (I always check the time before I leave the house). Hubby and I went out, went shopping, got a hot dog at Costco and then stopped at the frozen custard shop a little after 7:40 PM. I mentioned what I ordered above. We got the custards and left when I looked at the clock at the sign across the street (I have a habit of checking that clock since I pass it several times a day especially in the mornings when I take my eldest to Jazz band practice). I said to the hubby, "Wow, it's 8 PM already!" The time was actually 7:59 PM.

We get home a few minutes later, I gave the kids their custards EXCEPT the youngest who was taking a nap, the hubby ate his shake and I ate my banana split while my mother put her custard in the freezer. So five kids ate their custards along with myself and the hubby. By 10 PM the eldest of the twins was throwing up and when he did the vomit was the chocolate custard and it came up thick, slimy and "chunky" (like cottage cheese). He has been vomiting ever since. By 10:30 PM the eldest of the boys began throwing up and by 11 PM the three girls became sick - the youngest of the girls hasn't thrown up but her stomach is cramping. I now have diarrhea and the hubby is now throwing up as well. It's 1:50 AM and I'm cleaning up vomit from their beds, our bed (the eldest of the twins climbed in and promptly puked)... ALL the blankets and sheets are in the laundry covered in vomit.

Yesterday, the eldest of the kids and I had custard there and everything was fine but tonight... a different story. Something was wrong with the custard because out of nine of us, SEVEN are sick (as two DIDN'T eat the custard)! I'll call the store tomorrow and request a refund but I doubt we'll get any since I don't have proof of being sickened from the custard other then my word.

Oh and for those wonder why do I think it's bad service... Because something in their food made us sick. I wonder if other people who had custard there, at the same time, are sick now. If so, then it's definitely something bad in their food.

Edit to add:
I called the local Health Department and of course it's closed. You would think that they would have one inspector on call during the weekends in case people became sick over the weekend. I left a message so I'll probably hear from them on Monday.

I'm exhausted. I spent the entire night/morning cleaning up vomit and diarrhea. "B" (the 2nd oldest) came into my room at 4 AM, promptly threw up on the carpet (my bedroom is the only room with carpet still) and at the same time, she pooped herself. Thankfully THAT didn't get on the floor. I had to help her take a shower and throw away her clothes. It reeked so much that I just didn't want to deal with washing out the clothes before tossing them into the wash.

3/18 Update

Both the hubby and I called the frozen custard store. Both of us were told to call after 3 PM when the manager was in. We called after 3 PM but was told the manager wasn't available. -_- Needless to say I'm going to call the health department again tomorrow.

The kids are all fine now - they're acting as if they weren't sick at all yesterday and the night before. I, on the other hand, feel as if someone has been using my kidneys as punching bags. I'm sore and achy around my kidneys. Least Montezuma's Revenge is over but I still feel weak - to have the constitution of a child and bounce right back, that's what I want. I was so dehydrated last night that I seriously considered going to the hospital and sue the custard store for my medical bills but I'm not that kind of person (and trust me, if I were then I'd be a millionaire after suing one of the hospitals for REALLY bad service when it came to a doctor stitching my son's tongue up a couple of years ago or a nurse not using gloves when I gave birth).

The hubby is still sick though but not as bad as the rest of us.
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