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So, I posted a while back about buying a camera in November from HH Gregg.  A very nice camera that I saved up for (canon reble xti for my photography people).  When I got it home and further inspected the camera, I realized the lens was broken.  I took it back to the store, the lady at the customer service desk was very rude and was no help.  She told me to send it to canon because it wasn't her problem.  SO!  I sent it to Canon, they tell me they can't fix it and that it's HH Gregg's job to replace the lens.   I get it back in the mail yesterday (still broken).  Mind you Canon took almost 4 months to get back to me, but my gripe is not with them. 

This takes us to this morning.  My cousin and I take my broken lens back to HH Gregg with all my recipets, written statements and shipping labels.  OMG it's the same rude lady.  She still was no help and was still rude (shocker!).  I walk up to the desk, my cousin has the box with the lens and I have my almost 1 year old, because no way in hell am I trying to juggle a baby and an expensive lens even if it's already broken.  Rude lady turns around and says:
"*SIGH* Isn't it a bit inappropriate to bring a baby into an electronics store?" 
.... I looked around at all the other parents with their kids and think coming to the customer service desk of an electronics store with a baby that's doing nothing but gnawing on a name tag is in no way inappropriate or inconsiderate.  But I say nothing.  I go on to explain my situation and she cuts me off with:
"Why did you let it(baby) handle the lens?"
..... What?  I said nothing about my kid ever being near my camera EVER.  What kind of dumbass shells out $900+ on a camera just to let jr fuck with it?  No, I never let "it" anywhere near my camera and I told her that.  She tells me there's still nothing she can do.  Then made a few more jabs at my kid before sending me off.

Now, I understand kids can be annoying and I myself cringe when I'm at work and I hear some wailing child approaching... but wtf?!  She wasn't making any kind of scene (or else I wouldn't of been in the store) and making those kind of comments is completely unacceptable.  I called the store manager when I got home and he told me to come in tomorrow to take care of my issue and apologized profusely, I wasn't the only one that had made complaints about rude lady.

I just want my lens to work :(
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