Nomad Zutroy (nomadzutroy) wrote in bad_service,
Nomad Zutroy

Okay. About 2 weeks ago, myself, my fiance and 4 of our friends went out for lunch (about 2:30pm when it's slow) at a local Boston Pizza. We were seated and the server asked what we would like to drink. We all ordered pop (BP's has non-stop pop). We also ordered 4 starters. The drinks came, and about 15 almost 20 minutes later the starters came out. About 5 minutes later the food made an apppearance, meaning there wasn't room on the table for it. The server just sort of stood hovering over the table holding 3 plates of food waiting for us to make room on the table, which we did. The same server went back to the kitchen to get the remaining 3 plates of food. He brought them out and again waited for us to make room on the table. Now we have our pop, 4 plates of starters as well as 6 plates of food crammed onto 2 small tables that had been pushed together (that wouldn't have mattered had we not had so many plates on the table). Of course the starters were still 1/2 full so they couldn't be cleared. So we eat the food quickly, get the server's attention and ask him to take the starter plates away so we have room to actually eat our meals. He does so. We eat the remaining food fairly quickly and the server brings the bill. Now the bill is about $160. Fine no problem. We divide it up and I'm the first to go up to pay my part of the bill. I get to the register, where the server now informs me that I HAVE to pay a 20% tip on this because it was a large group. I went back to the table to inform the others. Now keep in mind that a BP can probably seat at least 150 people at a time. At the point we got there we were the only ones in the restaurant. About 10 more people wandered in, and there were about 5 servers on. We were not informed that we were a 'large' group. I mean, since when does 6 people count as a large group? Anyway we discuss it. We decide that we'll each tip the amount we felt justified tipping. My bill was about 35 dollars. I had received ONE refill on my 'non-stop' pop. One more would have been appreciated. I'm not an overly demanding person. Not once had the server come by to ask how we were doing. Generally on a $35 bill I would have left 10-15 dollars had I received good service. I ended up tipping $5 anyway, but that's just because I always leave a tip. My one buddy who always tips very well, left the server another 5 bucks. I don't think the others left much of a tip, prolly about $5 all together. What I would like to know is, were we considered a large group solely because we didn't look like a family? Or were we actually a large group? And do you consider us bad customers for leaving $15 bucks as a tip because of our really poor service?
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