Amanda (miss_mandy) wrote in bad_service,

An oldie, but a goody. Well not really, but you get the drift.

After reading another entry about bad haircuts, this reminded me of a horrible experience I had going to a local salon. Now this is definitely bad service.

So after a failed attempt at dreadlocks, (Twelve hours of combing out month old dreads is not fun, btw) I decided that I really needed to get my hair cut and coloured because it looked like crap.

I had been debating with my mom on whether or not to get hightlights (I really didn't want them), but her and the hairdresser finally convinced me to go for dark red over light red. I told the stylist I didn't want those perfect lines down my head like some people get, I didn't want the hightlights to be really noticeable.

I had to get foils and everything so the whole process took a looong time.

Finally it was done and as I looked into the mirror excitedly, I noticed all these thin bright yellow lines running down my head. I asked about them and the hairdresser told me "Oh I decided to put some blonde in because I thought it would look good."


Okay, not only did she give me specifically what I didn't want, which was noticeable highlights, but she didn't even ask if I wanted to go blonde before just going and ahead and doing it. And it wasn't even blonde, it was yellow. I was so stunned I just paid her with my mom's money (I was 16) and went home in tears.

My mom was angry that the hairdresser had screwed up so bad, but the real kicker was when she looked at the receipt. Turns out, the bitch overcharged us by about $60.

Later my mom went back back to the salon and told the manager that the hairdresser completely ignored what I'd asked for, gave me something I didn't want and then overcharged us. The manager apologized, gave my mom a refund and offered to let another stylist re-dye the whole thing for free.

And that's why ever since then I've been so scared of letting anyone mess with my hair.

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