Amanda (miss_mandy) wrote in bad_service,

This was the scene at Le Chateau the other day. I was pretty much the only person in the store and there were three employees.

Me: *browses around for a bit, gets a couple shirts*
Employees: *stand around and do nothing*
Me: *walks towards employees with big stack of shirts in my hands*
Employees: *stand around and do nothing*
Me: *walks up to one salesgirl*
Salesgirl: *stares at me blankly*
Me: Um...can I get a fitting room for these?
Salesgirl: Yeah. *stalks over to changing room without taking anything from me and throws upon the door huffily*
Me: O_o *thinking* What did I do?

I know it's pretty minor, but still, she just made me feel really uncomfortable. I don't think wanting a fitting room really makes me an entitlement bitch, but that seems like how she saw me.
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