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credit card sharks?

Okay so being the naive college student I was entering my freshman year, 4 years ago, I decided to get a credit card because it was so *-grown up -*.  I paid my minimum payments up until maybe this past August.  The minimum payments got too high and I wasn't able to pay because I was having a lot of money issues and still am (apartment rent, cable bill, gas, etc.).  Now I know it wasn't responsible of me to not pay the payments, and trust me, I know.  I am a lot better with using my money wisely, but i am still unable to pay the minimum payment of about 80 a month.  I'm not making excuses, it is honestly just the way it is right now.  Oh, and I also don't use that card anymore.

So cue to the last few months when an unknown number keeps calling me on and off (dont call for a month but then call for a week or two, 3 times a day)..  The number makes its way to my cell as 216-545-4278.  I have no idea at first what this number is at first because they leave dead air voicemails or when I have picked up, noone is there.  

Finally I call the number back a week ago and its my credit card company. I explain to the lady that the number calls repeatedly and leaves empty voicemails or noone is on the other line when I pick up.  She is quiet for some moments before she informs me I have been missing payments.  I ackowledge this and tell her I have been having money problems as a college student (not that she would care, but I said it anyway.  Don't know why)  So she tells me that I should just pay 75 by the 4th to pay my past due.  I say okay and hang up.

But the number KEEPS CALLING ME!  Keeps flooding my mailbox with empty voicemails, keeps dead air on the other line when I pick up.  I don;t understand.  I talked to someone all ready, but this ghostly number keeps. calling. me.  

Do I have any rights in this case?  Anything I can do?  And please refrain from making judgmental comments, because trust me, I am fully aware of how big of an idiot I have been with that credit card :o).  I'm just seeking advice from someone who may know.

ETA: So I checked online and the number does not match any sort of hotline my credit card has.  At first I thought maybe the above number was only an outgoing line, but after I was able to call back the number and speak to someone, I now have my doubts.  Not to mention the lady I was spoke to (which is why I don't understand why they are STILL calling me numerous times a day) was quick to ask if I wanted to make a payment via phone...Something seems a little off to me

Thanks for all your help everyone, I really appreciate it.
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