missangyl (missangyl) wrote in bad_service,

Uhm ew?

Normally I can handle the gross stuff.. but I have a serious "ick" factor for hair in my food. I can't deal with it, it's a mental thing I suppose and it makes me seriously feel sick ;( So you can imagine how I felt when THIS happened -

My fiancee and I went to new york fries in the mall yesterday, we weren't paying much attention as we ordered as to what was going on behind the counter, had I have been.. I would have gone elsewhere ;(

When we stepped to the pick up area to wait for the one guy working the counter to make up our order we spotted a girl coming in from the back, presumably she was in the middle of cleaning one of the fryers - okay, that has to be done and all..

But seriously, is it necessary for you to wear your "cutsie" hair pulled up into 2 long ass pigtails that are waist length and have them hanging INTO the fryer as you are cleaning it? Thats disgusting and was enough to make me cringe. If your hair is that long PULL IT UP, wear an oh so classy yet HYGENIC hairnet while you are cleaning up, I don't want to find a nest of your hair IN MY FOOD. Nevermind the fact you are 20 something years old wearing PIGTAILS but are you that dense you wouldn't think that maybe customers don't want that in their food!?

The kicker was when we watched her drag her hair through some of the oil that was left, I kept peeking in my fries to make sure there was no hairs hiding ;(

I didn't complain while I was there as it didn't seem like the guy would really care, but I did write a letter to their corporate asking what their policy on uniforms and long hair is. When I worked in a cafe, if your hair came down over your face, it had to be pulled up (so basically.. guys were safe, girls were not!) either in a bun or pinned right back so nothing could fall over your shoulder into the food.

Yuck ;(
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