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I love McDonalds. McDonalds consistently has good service for me. I don't care about the quality of the food, I just care that it's cheap & tasty. Righty-ho.

I'm in my THIRD week of university :D & being a cheap date, went to McDonalds for an early lunch today with a new friend o' mine. My university has a McDonalds situated about three metres from the edge of campus & hence has a student discount deal arranged with them -- free upgrades to the next size on McValues Meals with a valid student ID.

The boy ordered a medium Big Mac meal & had it upsized to a large, no problems. I ordered a small cheeseburger meal & asked to have it upsized to a medium. Seemingly simple, however I noticed the girl making my order filling up a small-sized chip packet [a paper sleeve], then putting those same chips with no extras into a medium-sized chip packet [a cardboard box]. With the drink she pressed the automatic button that fills up to the amount a small cup would need, then gave me extra ice. I was seemingly engrossed in conversation & perhaps she thought I would not notice.

Upon questioning, she said that was just the way it was done & if I wanted more chips I had to pay for them.

I don't think I'll be going to that McDonalds anymore, which is a shame. I'm horribly uncaring about what I eat & I ♥ Maccas. It's also the only one around in this part of the city, because the area around the university is mostly residential & people get bussed in. It's not big on the scale of 'bad service', but it put an annoyance into my otherwise generally cool day.

-- saint_aura.
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