Kayla (b0oger) wrote in bad_service,

This isn't so much "bad_service" more like "shitty_establishment".

I went to Hungry Jacks last night. The boy and I got there just before 6.30pm and were already really hungry. There were two girls working the register, one with one person in the line and the other with two people in the line. Being thinkers, we stood in the line with only one person already in it. 

For twenty minutes we stood there before we were served. In this time, we watched one of the girls give her manager some nasty attitude over the PA, watch her get blasted by said manager, then watch the same girl run around giggling at people while she went to the freezer for something. There were four people making food and it was still taking a really long time to come sliding down that metal tray.

I know so far it isn't bad service. Some of them could have been filling things in that area (although shouldn't they do that before dinner time?), some might be new to the place (although is it so hard to make a cheeseburger?). Its okay. I said all that so you know that I was pretty hungry and not in the best of moods after 20 minutes of watching teenage girls chat while they waited for the customers food. For 20 minutes.

Finally its our turn! Yay! We order something fairly simple - spicy chicken baguette, whopper with cheese, small coke and large onion rings. We had to repeat it a few times, but she eventually got it. Or so we thought. When we saw our total, it was $16.xx. I said "Huh? Why is it so much?" and then we figured out she put the whopper with cheese through as a whopper with cheese meal. Normally, we wouldnt have minded but we already got a drink and onion rings. So we asked it to be taken off, we just want the whopper with cheese, not in a meal. She says "urgh, fine, but we dont have any cheese". So she rang me up for something they dont have? It's not much difference in price between a whopper with cheese and a whopper without, but its still a difference. The price didnt even matter, its just the point that she rang me up for it in the first place.

I did not think it would be that hard to fix her mistake. Both of the girls tried to take off the meal and neither could do it. Ever seen Zoolander when they're trying to get the files out of the computer? Yeah. Same sort of thing. At this point, we were getting some attitude and glares off our server, like it was our fault this happened. I dont know about you, but I dont want to feel like I'm in the wrong just because I went there for dinner. I was nothing but polite to her the whole time. After around 5 minutes of this crap, I started thinking they were messing with me, because I know its not hard to take something off an order. I just said "Forget it" and we walked out.

Like I said, I dont know if this is bad_service, but it definately wasn't good_service and I dont think I was a customers_suck.

Edit I wonder how many tl;dr's ill get haha.
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