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A friend and I went to Wendy's a few weeks ago and had definite bad service. I think most of it was management or coworker bad service, but we only really interacted with the guy at the main counter.

1. There was only one guy at the main counter, who was obviously new, who had no one helping him, who had a line.
2. We were in line probably 5-10 minutes before ordering. When we walked in, the people in front of us had already ordered and were just waiting on their food.
2a. There were a few other employees who kept walking up to the second cash register, pushing some buttons, then walking away. Maybe they were clocking in or out or something, I have no idea, but it was false hope. :(
3. When I finally got to order, I was ordering several things from the dollar menu (yay cheap). I got to the second item and he said "Wait! I messed up. I have to get a manager to void this." So I wait a few minutes while he walks to the back, gets a manager, who comes up and voids it after staring at the screen a few seconds and jokingly saying "Ha, I forgot what I was doing for a minute!" There are at least 3 or 4 people behind me in line.
4. Finally the guy at the counter gets my whole order, and he himself has to go run around to get it. Most people behind the counter (at least 3! no kidding) were just standing there staring at the wall. The guy at the counter fetches all of my food slowly, without gloves, getting his hands all over my frosty and fries. Ick.
5. My roommate goes next, orders, pays, etc. She pays with her debit card after he tells her that her total is $6.something. The drawer on the register pops open and he begins handing her $6.something. She stares at him and kind of goes "Uhh..." and he asks if that's the wrong change or something. She replies yes, and he asks what she gave him, and she says "a debit card!" He looks surprised.
6. As we are leaving there are probably at least 5 or 6 people behind us now in line. Ugh.

Total, we probably spent 20-25 minutes in the restaurant. The guy at the register was nice and tried to be helpful, but it was obvious he was new and no one was even trying to help him. Luckily both of our orders ended up ok, although mine was a bit cold since I waited several minutes while my roommate was getting her food. Overall, bleh.
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