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TD Bank

Another bank suckage!

I'm hoping to reunite with my sister tomorrow, so I got my paycheck early and went out to cash my cheque. My credit union was closed, so I decided to stop by the grocery store. I know once upon a time I could cash cheques at the grocery store. They said no, but they recommended TD Canada or however the name is. So, I walked up to TD (I don't have a license, but I'm in such a central location that it doesn't matter.) I was starting to panic a little and I was weary and emotional from having a very shitty day. I'm part of a personal development leadership group Inside Out, and last night was my last Living Proof meeting. I had a very hard night, and when I went to work, my good friend Lisa grilled me about it. So by the time I ended up at the bank, I had been crying/was still trying not to cry.
When I finally get to the counter, I ask the woman if I can cash my cheque. She asked me if I was a member of the bank, and I told her that I had decided to stay with credit unions (as I was originally raised with a credit union, blah blah, previous post!) She said I could not cash my cheque. Fine, okay.
"Not even with fees?" I ask, hopeful.
"No, we don't cash cheques. You'll have to go to CIBC where the cheque comes from, or your bank."
"Oh. Um... do you know anywhere that's open I can go to cash my cheque?"
"No, go to your bank."
"They're not open right now."
"Well that's what you get for banking with a credit union. You need to switch. I'll make you an appointment."

I couldn't believe she would use such a tone in such a belittling and insulting way when I was standing there in tears, just asking simple questions. She was so rude, I'd never switch to TD, no matter how good they are. It may seem like mild bad service, but the attitude was just so shockingly offputting I was stunned for a few moments.

Needless to say, I went to one of the cheesy Cash Stores and got my money with a $10.00 fee and a $6.00 one time setup. Fine with me in an emergency!

I'm pondering whether her rather biting remark is worth filling out a complaint form about. Opinions? :)
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