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Best Buy is the Devil

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I have been a loyal Best Buy customer for years (despite their abysmal customer service) and that I am the most easy to please customer in the world, but I've been wronged, horribly wronged TWICE now and I need to share.

Flash back to Black Friday, 2004. We went to Best Buy in Arlington, VA to get me an iPod for Christmas and it was cool because it came in the set where you got the speakers and an iTunes gift card with it, all for $350. Rock on, right? Naturally when we go to pay, they asked if we'd like to purchase a product replacement plan, blah, blah, blah, and we said yes, we'd like one on the iPod, but not on the speakers. By June 2005, my hard drive goes bad because apparently I've got the "bad model". Everyone I know who had got one around that same time that was the same type had the same problem. After much freaking out, I took my iPod, which was still under factory warranty, to Best Buy to repair. The hot geek at the Geek Squad made me wait forever and was not friendly at all. Fine, whatever, just fix it. He looked at my receipt for what seemed like forever. I explained to him that I was under factory warranty and I had the product replacement plan. He looked at me and said, "You have it on the speakers, not the iPod itself." I looked at the receipt and yes, it was on the speakers. I told him I asked for it on the iPod, I thought we'd paid for it to be on the iPod, and I asked if there was anything I could do to correct the problem. He sent me to "Customer Service".

I went over there, rather pissed off, and explained the situation to the girl who was working there and she said, "Oh, well we can't do anything about it over 90 days." I told her that this was not my mistake and it should be fixed and she said, "Well, it was the day after Thanksgiving, mistakes happen." I told her I work in retail and I've worked the day after Thanksgiving and that is no excuse and asked to talk to a manager. He was just about as helpful as she was and told me they can't change it after 90 days. So I asked him why it was my responsibility to make sure it was done correctly and how appalling it was for him to insinuate this was somehow my fault because the employee messed up. I asked him who I needed to talk to to straighten it out and he told me to call him back the next day and he'd get me in touch with corporate. I called twice the next day---once I was on hold for over 15 minutes and the next time I was on hold for 5 and then disconnected. So I got the info myself. Best Buy's phone menu loops forever, so it takes literally like 20 minutes to get a person, if you're lucky. I wasn't. So I sent an email. They didn't even have the decency to have an actual person address my concern, but an automated email that said, "We're sorry about your problem. Thank you for your business!" .____.

I got over it. I had financed a laptop through them in November of 2004 and things were groovy with it. They hooked me up with a $1,200 credit limit and I got my laptop, my wireless router, and a case, which left me $100 short of being able to guessed it, product replacement, which you can only get in 30 (I think) days. So I didn't get it. That's not the issue. The issue started that night, though. The employee told me that they were having a promotion where it was 0% financing until 2007 and I said, "Sweet! What does that mean exactly?" and he told me that I just wouldn't have to pay interest until 2007 and after that point, my interest payments would start. Rock on! :D No. I was misled by said employee. Just as it was getting paid down, there was a $493 charge on my account for back finance payments. He never said anything about them charging me that all at once, he just said I would have to start paying interest. My dad talked to the people at the corporate office (which is how I know it takes 20 minutes to get a person) and all of them were totally snotty and condescending toward him, telling him to look at the statement where they said this was going to happen and he said no less than 5 times "I HAVE IT IN MY HAND, IT'S NOT ON HERE!" He ended up hanging up on the 3rd person he spoke to.

So yeah, Circuit City all the way. Since my iPod decided to break again about a month ago (same problem), I'm getting a brand new 80 GB for my birthday on Friday. It's coming from Target.
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