kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

Wendy's & Big Lots

just some annoying service. one is recent, one is from a few months ago.

Wendy's: one night me & my best friend head out to Wendy's to grab her boyfriend something to eat. we order a triple burger combo [he can EAT!] with a Dr. Pepper, no ice. I ordered his food, and I emphasized "NO ICE", as I have sensitive teeth [as well as he does] and I completely understand why he doesn't want ice. we pay for the food [we're in the drive-thru], and the rude cashier short-changed my friend by a buck. not a big deal, but still. so we roll up to the 2nd window to pick up the food. we told the chick who gave us our food that my friend needed an extra dollar, and she was so rude. she scoffed and went "um I'm pretty sure you're just counting wrong.. how much change did she give you?" we assured her that we were owed a dollar, and she returned a moment later, thrusting a dollar bill in my face. we get the food.. and the drink, with ice. when I said "excuse me, sorry, but this is supposed to not have ice in it". she scoffed yet again, snatched it out of my hand, then thrust me an ice-free drink with a stone face. I thanked her, and she didn't respond what-so-ever. no "you're welcome" or "have a good night" or anything.

Big Lots: same best friend.. me & her parents go to Big Lots (a discount store one level up from a dollar store, for those who might not know what it is) to buy some things for their house. when we're getting checked out, my friend grabs me & her both a 20oz Coke. First thing - our cashier was really strange. in the middle of ringing up our items, she walked all the way around the counter just to check out some blinds we were getting. o.O oookay? like it couldn't wait. anyways.. we pay.. walk out to their truck, and as I'm drinking my Coke I'm thinking "damn this drink is REALLY flat".. turns out the drink expired January 29th. this was maybe a week ago. not a big deal.. I go back into the store, explain the situation to our cashier. she thrust her hand out, said "here.. give it to me. now go get another one" and snatched the coke. I dug around in their cooler for a good 5 minutes because almost EVERY single drink was expired (some had went bad around CHRISTMAS - yuck!).. I know it wasn't *horrible* service, but she had an apparent attitude, and acted like I was wrong for returning an expired, flat drink.

ahh. <3 retail.
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