edith (yep_thattoo) wrote in bad_service,

Charter Communications

I'm in need of some advice about a bad service situation. Actually, I don't know if it's so much bad service or an unfortunate situation.

I've had Charter for about six months now, I've been paying $65.15 a month for cable internet and tv. I just got my bill a couple days ago, and the total was $99.16. I was a little miffed, but figured it was a billing mistake (like the time I got a bill for one penny) so I called customer care to sort things out. I was then informed that the reason my cost went up was because the promotion I was signed up for ran out and now I'm being charged for the "real" cost of the services.

The thing that bugs me is that I was never informed that I was signed up for a promotion. The way the guy explained it when I signed up was that there was a special "student rate" (I live in a giant collage town where big businesses fight for student's money with usually awesome discounts). I understand that there was probably just a miscommunication about the fact that there was an expiration date on the student rate, but the problem is, I can't really afford ~$100 a month for cable/internet. My roommates and I could barely afford the $65.

When I talked to the customer service guy he explained that I wasn't allowed to be resigned up for the promotion because I had already used it (but would I like to upgrade for a new promotion?).

Do you think there's anything I can do or do you think I should just give in and downgrade/cancel my service? I've emailed customer care with the situation just in case someone with some power (and some sympathy) can help out.

Thanks in advance for the answers.
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