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Blockbuster suckage

So, we've recently moved to the area, and were pleased to see that about oh, a minute down the road, was a Blockbuster. With my ex-boyfriend in Michigan, I had enjoyed Blockbuster for many years, with the little Membership Rewards card and earning free rentals, ect. I don't even rerember the movies being that expensive.

So, we walk in. its deadsville. No one is in there, and this is on a Sunday night. Hmm.

So, we walk up to the counter, and a middle aged man asks if he can help us. "Yay, polite service!" I think
Boy was I wrong.

We (me and my new mate) ask him about movie plans. I.E, how to rent movies. I'm very shy, and not sure what to say, so my boy did most of the talking.
He said "Well, we have a Netflix like service where you can order them online, for 17 a month... You could have your movies by Tuesday!"
Now, I don't talk. I'm shy, but this bothered me. I mean, I know they have to pimp their hot, new, online dealie. So this wasn't an issue. I tentively ask, "What about in-store deals? We are literally 2 minutes down the road. We shouldn't have to wait till Tuesday."
So, he pipes up, sounding a little more annoyed that we didn't take his "Free for 2 wks!" coupon for the online thinger. "Well, for 25.00, you can pick out 2 movies and bring them back anytime and keep switching them around...." I said "For that price, sir, we could buy them. When I was in Michigan, my ... friend ... had a small card. A Rewards card. He paid about 2.99 a movie, and got to bring it back in 2 or 5 days depending on if it were a new release, and earned things towards a free movie." Out of the corner of my eye, indeed, I saw somthing mentioning about "rewards".
He gets all evil beadie eyed for some reason. "Oh no, we don't do that here. You can pick from either of our excellent plans...."
I actually get pissy at this point, and I don't ever get pissy at strangers. Let alone talk. "You mean to tell me, those are the only two ways I can rent movies from Blockbuster?"
"Yes." he says without hesitation.
I just say "Thank... you..." and leave.

So I drag my poor boy out, who is astonished I actually spoke up. I have some bad social phobias, but I think that whole debacle just.. yeah.
He had a manger tag on. I don't know if this is particularly bad service or "I'm an idiot!" but seriously, they have their rewards system right? Still? or have they gone crazy? I will NOT pay that much for movies I can buy for the same price.
I liked Blockbuster for their selection of unusual B-Movies, foreign movies, you know, things you don't normally see. Somthing our new friends Family Video unfortunately doesn't carry.

However, going into Family Video, it becomes a Good Service story, because this cute little perky girl actively got up from behind her counter, came said Hi, Introduced herself, showed us around, loaded us down with coupons, signed us up, and we walked out with two movies for under 2.00.
Given, their selection is much much less than Blockbuster, but I seriously don't even want to think about blockbuster anymore. Certaintly not this Blockbuster. >.<
This was a couple days ago this occured, a Customers_suck post reminded me of it.

To be said, I can see where I was wrong as well. However, him not covering everything (c'mon, I'll even go as far to say "Him not observing me as a dimwitted idiot") is kind of.. yeah suckage. What if I genuinely didn't know to just bring up a video? it was my attempt at good customer to come to him first in the case of a ton of paperwork.

That said, I can see where the online deal is great if you rent a lot of movies. For a family of 2 on one paycheck, who rent oh, 1 or 2 every 2 wks, its not. :/

Carry on, folks! :)
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