Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

More annoying_service than bad, but oh well

I ordered pizza for delivery tonight. First time at my new place, and from a pizza place I'd never ordered from before. I got 2 large pizzas (one for me, one for my fiance, he got meatlovers, I got supreme), 1 garlic bread, and 1 serve of wedges for $24.40. They informed me on the phone that they had no garlic bread left, so they would get a regular pizza base and put garlic and cheese on it and that it was "really yummy". I had no problems with that, so she sent my order out.

It arrived in a timely manner, and I answered the door to an Indian guy. I'm using this purely as a descriptor, not a racist thing, since what happened next I doubt was in any way related to his race. He opened his pizza bag thingy, and I had my $25 in my hand. I'm never sure if I should give the money before receiving the pizza (and I used to be a pizza delivery driver, lol), but it looked like he was waiting for me to take the pizzas the rest of the way out of the bag (he had pulled them out halfway), so I extended my hand, the one with the cash in it, to help him, and he just plucked the money straight out of my hand. I was like o...k..., and then he handed me my pizzas. There were 2 large boxes and a smaller box, which I automatically assumed had the garlic bread/pizza thing in it, and a tub of sauce for the wedges. So he's got my $25, and he takes a step backwards, like, that's it. So I asked where the wedges were, and he gestured vaguely at my boxes and said "it's inside." Ok, says I, then where is my garlic bread? He gropes around in his bag and retrieves my garlic bread, and places it on top of my pile. He then shuts his bag and starts moving off, not even bothered about my change (yeah, it's 60 cents, but so what? It's my 60 cents and I'll decide if I'm going to tip him. Bear in mind here that this is Australia, tipping is not compulsory nor expected).

So yeah, like I said, more annoying than awful. And my fiance's pizza gave him food poisoning, to boot. Not sure I'll order from them again.
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