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Microsoft and UPS [with a dash of Purolator]

Long-time lurker, first time poster.

I've heard plenty of stories about crappy purolator, Fedex, UPS, and USPS stories, and I had hoped I would not add one of my own.  In the making, and hope there's still chance to be resolved *sighed*.

  My boyfriend's Xbox 360 has been having issues since he bought it two months ago.  After phone calls with Microsoft, it was decided to send it in to their repair centre.  Microsoft now has their "Xbox coffins" they send out with instructions on what they need to repair/get their xbox, and makes it easier for everyone to go through this.  It was originally sent (the coffin from Microsoft) via Purolator.   Purolator arrives to his place, no ones home, and decides to call and them him this a few days later.  When he gets the chance to go by and pick up the box, they had already sent it back [wonderful].

Another call into Microsoft and it's decided to just send it in himself and Microsoft support tells him the information needed in the box with his xbox.  
Packaged up with all the information, we go to UPS, fill out the slip, send it off.
We get an email from UPS saying the package is on it's way, tracking info stuff.  However, the name on the email is the name of his roommate, not him [and we didn't screw up on the slip].  We didn't worry too much, because we know the right name is in the box and on the box.  Few days later, another email saying it was delivered to the MS Repair centre and signed.  
Two days afterward, he decides to call Microsoft to check up on what might be happening.  They don't have a record of it arriving or having it, and UPS is content since it's been delivered, nothing wrong happened.

So now his Xbox is apparently sitting in a void  somewhere, while we enjoy a 360 harddrive with nothing to use it with >_<

Turns out the suck was on Microsoft's side.  His original service number was closed about a month ago, and through the various phone calls no one told him this so he could get a new number, so it just sat there, untouched, because the service number had been closed, without even intention of maybe.  So, if he hadn't stuck through the holds and etc, it would  have sat there... forever? O_o

A mild bad_servicxe overall, except when you just popped something that cost you $500+, you tend to be overparanoid.


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