ozmosiselaine (ozmosiselaine) wrote in bad_service,

So, I went to my favorite little local pizzaria on friday to pick up the dinner.  It was a small cheese, veggie, and meat.  Easy enough, expensive but oh so delicious.

I walk in and the cashier was standing there, head down looking over some papers and such.
She looks up at me asks me what i want.
I procede to attempt to tell her our 3 pizzas, since my husband called it in and i do not know what name he used
she interrupts me very rudely and says "JUST NAME!!!!!!!!!"
So i spout off every name of everyone in the house in like a 30 second blip
SHe starts looking for said "names" and cant seem to find it.
THe owner guy comes over and hands me our fresh delicious pizzas and leaves the cashier to do her job
She cant figure out what Ive got, she is looking and no clue. (which she would have known if she hadnt interrupted me)
So the guy comes back very uneasy, mildly upset, and rings it up for her.

I was like gosh, she isnt going to last very long there if she treats eveyone so rudely.  I was all smiles and nice.

I might have complained only, the owner was there and heard the whole thing.

FOr me though, the most rightous part was, I know this woman.  She is a total whiner bitch.  When I worked retail she pestered the hell out of me, made me ring up things separtely, complained all the time.  When I got out of retail she was a client, again she pestered me every day, complained, and bitched.  NOt just normal, really loud profane bitching.  SHe had boasted she had a degree and had gotten some big huge job.

Well, seems to me she lost that job or never had it.  Cant say I am surprised and I dare say if I dont see her at the PIzzaria I wont be surprised then either.

Note: I had considered making her ring up everything separately like she had done to me, and bitching and complaining like she had done to me.  I refrained because I feel like I was a better person for not doing so.  Also, her actions and attitudes were well within boss range I dont feel I could have doomed her any more than she dooms her self every day.


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