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Fish woes :(

I'm a budding fish tank enthusiasts. My tank however is a little on the empty side, so while out groccery shoppin at Meijers I was tempted by the fish aisle. Meijers isn't the first place I normally think of when it comes to fish, but I had good luck with them. The last time I bought fish at Petsmart, they all started to die off for no reason. Of course right after the 14-day guarantee wore off so that was $30 down the drain..or toilet rather. I then went and bought my replacement fish at Meijers, its been a few months they are doing really well. Logically I thought my next fish should also come from Meijers. I decided to get two gold chinese algae eaters to help keep the tank a little cleaner. The fish guy at meijers is kinda...odd. He was there the last time I got fish, he's just very quiet and was in no way shape or form interested in making small talk with me about fish. Ok, whatever, I can take a hint. So I tell him what fish I want and he takes forever catching them. No qualms there, because those suckers are zipping around that tank faster then I've ever seen a fish go. However, my attention started to drift as it often does. I got distracted by this super cute little girl who WAS interested in making small talk with me about fish. She had a goldfish named Lucky and wanted to get him a friend, but her mommy wouldn't let her. Seriously, she was adorable...if I was a crazy lady I would have taken her home with me. But I'm not so I didn't. Anyway I was only paying a quarter of attention to him but I remember as he was trying to pour them in the baggie, one decides its gonna stay in the little plastic cup thing. Then I see him poking and prodding at it with the net, trying to scoop him out. I remember thinking that he was gonna squish it and that I should make sure its still alive before I leave. Then when he finally gets it in the bag, I saw him inspecting them. I thought surely he wouldn't give me a dead fish so I guess thats why I totally just turned around and left. Well I get home, go to release them and what just sinks right to the bottom and doesn't move. Yeah, it was dead. I could see itty bitty instestines hanging out its belly so he definitely squished it. :( Guy killed the fish and then let me buy it! Sure, I was a bit oblivious...but who kills a fish and then lets a person buy it! Meijers does have a 10 day garauntee so I was gonna take it back the next day however when I went to retrieve its little was gone. I think my other fish ate him, they tend to do that. :-\ That must be my black molly's secret to eternal life, because according to everything I've ever read about molly's, that fish should have died like a year ago.

So yeah, no excuse for me being easily distracted and kinda oblivious but still! Dead fish! $4 fish food.
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