thumpermarni (thumpermarni) wrote in bad_service,

This was more annoying...

I needed new windshield wipers and so did Steve,  another coworker/friend of mine so we decided to make a day of it and go get them and then go to the mall.  He said that going to Wal*Mart would be good since it's cheaper and they install the wipers for free.  Sounds good.

We get to Wal*Mart and we wait a few minutes for the girl to get to the auto counter (I'm an adult, I can wait a few minutes) and I give her my auto orders (I decide to also get my oil changed), she lets us know it will be about an hour and I hand her my keys.  The last thing I ask her is that if the car is moved and left someplace that the doors are at least locked (I didn't even say "armed").  She says fine, goes out to move my car, comes back, gets Steve's order and we wander off to get food.  I see my car sitting there and say "Let's see if she listened" and went to check and what do you doors are unlocked.  *sigh* I lock my doors.  Steve was worried that they didn't have my keys but I let him know that she had them because when she walked in she was using them as a stylus on the hand held machine she was holding.

*lunch lunch lunch Marni suddenly gets bad stomach cramps and we walk back to Wal*Mart*

I already know my car is ready because I see the guy speed around the parking lot and pull it into a space.  Good news is that he armed my car.  Thanks dude!

Cue Steve and I walking into the place where they do the work and being told "She'll be there in a minute".

Cue Steve and Marni standing there for literally 15 minutes (yes, I timed it).  After about 10 minutes I looked at Steve and said "I swear, I'm about to walk outside and ask 'Is anyone coming because I'm late for my abortion?'"  Steve wanted me to do it.  :)  The worker FINALLY came and I let her know that she didn't lock my doors.

It was just so annoying...

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