Stephanie (princessselene) wrote in bad_service,

My sister and I went to Victoria's Secret this afternoon. There are three different malls all within a half-hour vicinity from my parents' house and my apartment in the Portland-Vancouver metro area, and we've inevitably shopped at all the VS locations at one time or another. Frequently. Always, I've had a pleasant experience and if I couldn't find my bra size in a particular style that I liked, they would call the other locations to see if it was in stock there. Never a problem. Until today.

We walked into the mall this afternoon, went to Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, and then went to VS before we left. Now, the mall is in the middle of a major remodel, so it's a little crowded. VS was chaotic, but the salespeople were very helpful and helped us find a couple things. Their Secret Embrace bras (SO comfortable) are currently "Buy 1, get 2nd $15 off). My sister wanted a couple but didn't have her card, so we used my store card to purchase them and we got in line to pay. Here's where the bad service comes into play.

The salesperson that we ended up being cashed out was quiet. I normally don't mind at all, because hey, sometimes I don't want to make small talk. I can deal. However, she gave off a vibe kinda like she didn't want to be there. There was no hello, no asking if I found everything okay, etc. Typical customer service questions when purchasing items. Her attitude was just screaming "I don't want to be here!" My sister requested that the two Secret Embrace bras be put in a separate bag from the sports bra and underwear, and the girl just STARED at her, like she couldn't believe my sister had the nerve to ask politely. She acted very put out about the whole thing and didn't even bother to wrap the items like they normally do. I don't know if they're supposed to and honestly don't care, but the entire time my sister and I both felt like we were not welcome due to her attitude. Quite honestly, I was just about ready to tell her, "You know, if I'm putting you out, void the entire order. I'll go to a different location."

The kicker though, was when I got my credit card back. Those counters in the stores can be hard to pick a credit card off of, since they're kind of slick. However, I have NEVER had someone THROW my credit card at me. Ever. I handed it to her so she could compare signatures like it asks on the debit machine. She threw it back at me when she was done. No thank you, nothing.

I was livid. The second Jennifer and I got out to the car, I pulled out the receipt, called the store, and requested to speak to a manager, then calmly explained what happened and described the girl down to a tee. The manager was appalled at what had happened and apologized profusely, assuring that she would "definitely do something about it."

I mean, being quiet and all because you're tired due to the fact that you've been run ragged all day and the store is crazy, I can understand. But having an attitude, throwing my card back at me, and acting like we're putting you out because of a simple request? Drop the attitude and at least PRETEND like you're having a good day. Saying "hello," "thank you," and "how are you doing?" is NOT that hard. That's basic customer service. Hopefully the manager will actually do something about that woman, because that is no way to treat a customer.
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