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Am I just air :C?

I went to my favourite CD store to buy some CD's and to order one. I'm very nerdy and devoted to music, so I visit there often and always order something AND buy something as it seems to be quite a drag for the employees to order from there.

Last time I was there I bought two CD's and wanted to order one and here's what happened

Me: "I'd want to order one CD" *cheery*
Employee: "Okay!"
as we start to find the right CD two men come in
Man: "Hey! You gave me an empty CD case!"
Employee: "Huh? Oh.. this must've been one of those what we have on the window, one second."
he starts to search for the CD that belong in the case. Okay, I can wait I have no hurry and those guys need to be served..
they leave
I step forward so I can finish my order..
New customer: *brings CD's on the table*
Employee: *serves*
Me: *Patient* ":|"
Another customer: *brings CD's*
Employee: *Serves*
Me: *patient* "8("
Another customer: *Leaves*
Me: *steps forward to fin..*
Employee: "Could you wait for another while? This won't take long. Ordering CD's takes so long time that I'll do this first."
Me: "Uhhh D: sure" *he works here, so he must know what he's doing right?"
YET ANOTHER CUSTOMER: "Hi I'd need this dude's new CD"
Employee: "Okay. Is his surename Green or Greene?"
YET ANOTHER CUSTOMER: *calls his friend to ask*
Me: *thinking: I'd be done by now.....*
YET ANOTHER CUSTOMER: *has his CD and is happy*
Me: *my most patient face while he takes another customer. and another. AND GODDAMN ANOTHER* "Quite a hassle today, huh?" *not really. I was just trying to get his attention*

..and when I got my order he told me that it was only 80% chanse I would get that CD AFTER ORDERING

I got my CD's and order but I was very frusthrated after the wait.

I swear that was the LAST TIME I ever again just wait patiently and only hint nicely to get some service. If that happens again I won't even put the CD's back where I got them and just fucking leave and buy my CD's somewhere else. It's not like I was standing 5 meters away from him and he just forgot about me, I was RIGHT THERE under his nose. God!

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