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Bikini Village

Our trip to Dominican is coming up soon, so I went out shopping on Sunday for a swimsuit. I figured that I would try tankinis (that's TANKinis, not BIKinis). After going to a bunch of department stores, I found myself at Bikini Village. I went there last because I thought it was expensive, but it turned out to be the same prices as the department stores. I HATE swimsuit shopping (don't we all?). Its really hard to find something that fits my chest and is somewhat supportive. I did the happy dance in there when they actually gave me great service and there were 6 tankinis for me to choose from that fit. My husband convinced me to buy 2, so I ended up spending 171 dollars total for the 2.

I happily put on the one that I liked the most for aquafit on Tuesday night. As soon as I hit the water the top started floating around me. The only thing that saved me from flashing everyone was the built in bra. I had to tuck the top into the bottoms to do the class. Then, when I climbed out, the bottoms almost fell off. The fucking top is tight almost all the way down - it gets a little bit loose around the bottom, which is what all tankinis do. Not super loose, but a bit loose. The bottoms are tight when they are dry. Ugh. Keep in mind that I bought TWO. Now I don't know if the other one is okay. I am leaving soon and need something to wear! Why would they be called SWIMsuits if you can't get them wet?

I'm going to cut the shitty customer service part:

*edit* I've broken it up into smaller chunks instead of one big, long rant. Its still a big, long rant, but now its broken up a bit. I should have done that the first time, but I didn't realize it was such a big deal. Thanks to those of you suggested that I break it up instead of just bitching about it.

Here's the fun part. The store gave me great customer service while I was buying them. Now they suck. I worked in retail all through high school and university. I know how things are supposed to work...and it isn't like this.

First contact: I called them Wednesday morning (the next morning) to let them know that I was having an issue with the suit. I was told the manager would be in at noon and to call back then.

Second contact: At 1pm I was told that the manager would not be in, so they took my name and number, assuring me that I would be called on Thursday. The girl on the phone told me that because the suit has been worn, I have to deal with the manager. She also told me to make sure that I didn't wear the second suit. So now I'm stuck with 171 dollars worth of tankinis I can't wear at all? I did not receive a call.

Third contact: Thursday evening, I had to go into the mall for something else, so I went into the store to see if the manager was there - she had already left for the day. They asked me if I had been fitted by a salesperson and suggested that maybe the suit was too big. I informed them that I was definitely fitted for the suit and it was definintely not too big. I actually went down 2 sizes from my normal size. Once again, they took my name and number and assured me that the manager would call me the next day. I did not receive a call.

Fourth contact: Since I didn't get that call they promised me, I called the store at 4pm and told them that I was calling about the issue with the tankinis again. The girl on the phone said that the the manager was there and handed her the phone. This is what I get from the manager: She was too busy to call me. Because I wore the suit she has to talk to her "head honcho" so won't be in until Monday. I should find a pool to try the other suit this weekend so that we can talk about that on Monday too. I used to work retail so I understand that it isn't the salesperson's fault. But the manager not being able to do anything? That's ridiculous. I have to admit that my tone changed when she told me that I would receive a call on Monday and they would figure out IF they could do anything. I didn't get angry, but I did say, "So, did I just spend 171 dollars on SWIMsuits that can't get wet?" She assured me that all of their suits are meant to worn in the water and that I might need to have my suit altered. Altered? I said, "I was fitted by one of your salespeople and she told me that I could do aquafit in this tankini. I wouldn't have bought the suit if that wasn't the case." She just told me that I will receive a call on Monday and we will start the process at that point. I told her that if I do not receive a call on Monday, I will be contacting her head office with a complaint. Other than the one comment about not being able to wear the suits in the water, I was very polite and had a nice tone. She did not apologize and didn't seem to give a shit. If I hadn't called her Friday afternoon and happened to get her on the phone, I would never have heard from her. I don't understand why a problem with one of their products needs to be solved through their district manager. It shouldn't have to go up that high. Either the suit is defective because of a problem with the material, of the salesperson did not "fit" me properly. They should be at least apologizing and offering an exchange. I'm leaving for a trip in 2 weeks. Now I have to wait until Monday to see if I even get a call. I have 2 young kids - it isn't so easy to just go and find a pool to test out the second suit. If there is a problem with both, I don't have the money to get another one and I certainly don't have the time to go out looking again.

If I don't get a call on Monday I'll be calling their head office and writing a letter of complaint. You can't specialize in swimsuits and then not stand behind their quality.

I am really upset. I don't know what else to do.

*another edit* Tankinis are NOT supposed to float around. The fabric and stitching from the chest the waist is supposed to prevent that from happening. I think that there may be a problem with the fabric because even he bottoms get all soggy / saggy in the water. No one would buy tankinis if they all do what this one does.
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