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Hospital Nastiness

My younger brother, Mitch, has been sick for a while now, on-and-off flu symptoms. We've kept him home from school because of his lethargy and fear he was contagious. But Thursday night, he develops severe abdominal cramping, and, considering his appendix, dad drives him to Saint Joseph's Hospital (We live in Toronto-Ontario-Canada).

They got there at about 11:00 pm. The emergency room was dead, there were maybe one or two other people. They took Mitch in, took some blood, and a urine sample, and gave him a bed.

And then they waited.
And waited.
And waited.

Finally dad goes to the nursing station. It's about 1:00 or 1:30 am by this time. The emergency room is utterly devoid of people; it is quite literally dead in there. The nurse on duty, frosty and unpleasant, doesn't do a thing. Dad finds out that there have been NO tests run on the samples taken. When my dad asks to leave, maybe go to another hospital, the nurse yells at him that he needs to fill out wads of paperwork for that, and then stomps off.

Dad, slightly bewildered, waits for a few minutes. When she doesn't return, he goes looking but can't find her. He then goes back to my little brother, who is up and about, no longer in pain, clear-eyed and fever down, and they come home. This is about two in the morning.

This morning, Mitch got up around noon, and is moving about quite well. They figure it was just some muscle spasms or something. If he gets it again, they'll go to a different hospital. I realize that the symptoms of a flu and cramping probably weren't that serious-sounding to the hospital staff, but dear god, what is the point of a $400 Ontario Health Tax on dad's bill this year if he can't get his son looked at in an empty emergency room?
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