Creeping Over the Pond (iluq) wrote in bad_service,
Creeping Over the Pond

Beverly Hills Taxi

This was a few years ago, but it's one of the ruder customer service experiences I've experienced. I was a student in LA and had an early morning appointment, so I called Beverly Hills Taxi (at least I think that's what the company is called). They most likely weren't my first choice taxi company but since every form of transportation in LA sucks, they're the ones I ended up taking.

The place I was going was at xxxx South Sepulveda (again, I think, fuzzy memory), so the taxi took me down there, I went to my appointment, and then I went outside and called the taxi company back. I told them the address where I was and they said they would send a taxi.

So I waited a long time. A really long time. Longer than I should have waited. Eventually the taxi company called me back and told me my taxi had arrived. I informed the guy that my taxi had not arrived. He said he would send out another one, confirmed the address, and hung up.

I waited some more. And more. Then the taxi company called me again and angrily told me, "We have two drivers out there looking for you. Where are you?" I repeated the address AGAIN, and he said, "Oh, you're on SOUTH Sepulveda? I thought you were on NORTH Sepulveda?" Uh, how? I had told him repeatedly and clearly that I was at SOUTH Sepulveda. Then he said, "That's WAY out of our service area. You're going to have to call another taxi company." I was in the middle of telling him, "But your taxi company brought me out here -" when he hung up on me in the middle of the sentence.

The stupid thing is, the address where I was on South Sepulveda and that same street address on North Sepulveda were maybe two miles from each other, and on the same long street. I don't understand why the guy had to be so rude to me when first of all, he was the one who repeatedly had misunderstood the address I was giving him, and second, if the address he thought I was at were in his service area, obviously the one I was really at was not WAY out of the service area, as it was extremely close to the other address.

I think I spent at least half an hour calling 411 and trying to get a cab that could pick me up, and until FINALLY I got through and was able to go back to school. I hate LA taxis!

I should have tried to learn the transportation system but I'm horrible at things like that.

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