Daysleeper (ohthreedaysago) wrote in bad_service,

Burger King!!

So it's a Sunday evening, after a LONG night of taking inventory at my store. Four of us decide to grab a bite at Burger King before going home.

No problem. Girl 1 goes first: meal with salad instead of fries.. gets it no worries and it's on to Girl 2: she wants her meal with onion rings instead of fries. "No onion rings" is the response. No sorry, NO COMPLETE SENTENCE. So she gets it, and gets over it until me and Girl 3 are ordering.. she wants poutine "NO POUTINE" (yet theres fries.. gravy.. I'm pretty damn sure there's a packet of cheese somewhere) BUT STILL she's fine and gets fries. WELL.. as we're ordering Girl 3 notices in the back that theres a basket full of onion rings. She whispers to me, we tell Girl 1 and she says to just forget it.

So we sit down in the DISGUSTING seating area, which clearly hadn't been touched all night, listening to the staff members giggling while watching us. The girl who ordered her salad opens it up and the lettuce is brown. Keep in mind it's Sunday, I notice the sticker on the bottom "SERVE BY THURSDAY" so we complain "packaged this morning, heres new one". It says to serve by Saturday and is still slightly brown but too embarrassed, she just throws it away and doesn't bother again.

As soon as I started drinking my pop, it's pretty much done, I take off the lid and it's filled WAY PAST the "fill ice to here" marker, and after being soo irate already at the service, I just slam it down and forget about it. Well one of the other girls wasn't having that and went up and told them she wanted a refill, and to please, remove the ice. They told her it would cost 25 cents, so she came back and since I didn't have any change, she GRACIOUSLY took it from her wallet and went to get the refill for me where she's told "JUST KIDDING". OK WHAT? If you would have said that and then immediately laughed and told her you were kidding, that's even semi acceptable but MAKING her go ALL THE WAY to her purse at the other side of the restaurant when it wasn't even necessary is rude and immature. So she tells him to just keep the 25 cents, and embarrassed as hell walks back.

AS SHE'S COMING BACK.. two guys enter and we're all so mad we just start saying things like "yeah watch them order a poutine or something". SURE ENOUGH "I'll have a number whatever with ONION RINGS".. and he gets served, and we sit there and watch him take it out of his bag - which by the way, when we say to stay, IT MEANS TO STAY, you want to go home at 10 when you're open til 12. yeah sorry about your luck.

Lastly as we're about to leave, the manager, who we hadn't seen at all, comes back and returns the 25 cents to us saying "this is yours". NO SORRY, no nothing. So we kept it there, though I think the only tip they should have been getting was.. well.. I'm sure you can imagine. Sadly after swearing off the place "forever" I've been back multiple times to not get the poutine I've ordered even when charged for it, huge wait lines when I'm the only person in the store, and giggling and staring from the 12 year old staff but nothing beats the first time I went.
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