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Dear Toshiba "Tech support",

I was very wary about buying a toshiba laptop, as I had been so happy with Acer and their wonderful tech support, you have only cemented my displeasure after our phone call today.

My beautiful 1 month old laptop decided today that it would no longer recognize that I had a dvd drive, instead it reverted to a cd drive and me, being so untechnologically savvy, had no clue what was wrong. It has a multi drive doesn't it? So it should do both yes?

I called your tech support line in hopes that maybe I could get some instructions on what I could do..

Instead I am met with "take it to a service center". I'm sorry? But whats wrong with it? "Take it to a service center". ...That is over an hour away? "Take it to a service center!"

You were unable to offer me any sort of insight as to what was wrong, or anything I could do on my end to possibly fix this problem. Instead I must drive an hour to the closest center, leave my new laptop which I NEED to work everyday with someone who may be able to fix it in a whopping 10 minutes!

Oh..whats that? "Install the drivers again" Why THANK YOU.. after being on the phone for 15 minutes and you telling me a total of five times to take it to a service center you finally offer me another option! Why the HELL didn't you do that in the first place!?

No love for your complete lack of "tech" in your support,

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