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Rude Shoe Guy

So my sister's best friend is having a Quincenera this summer. (For those who don't know what that is, it is an elaborate fifteenth birthday party for a girl.) My sister is going to be in the Quincenera, and she and a few other girls are going to be wearing matching dresses and shoes and having similar hairstyles, kind of like bridesmaids. So my mom went with my sister, the other parents, the other girls in the ceremony and the to-be birthday girl to the store.

Everything was going fine. The store was an evening gown place, but it was more geared towards formal parties, proms, Quinceneras, ect. While everyone was being fitted for the dresses, my mom saw some shoes she liked in another section of the store and began to browse. She actually planned on buying two or three pairs. She saw the Shoe Guy go up the stairs, and saw that there were different styles and colors of shoes displayed on the stairs. The room the stairs led to looked like a different part of the shop. She began to walk up, and when the guy walked down he gave her a nasty stare.

M= My mom
Shoe Guy= SG

M: I like some of the shoes on the stairs. Are there more shoes in the room up there?
SG: (rudely) No! Those are just bigger sizes. There are no different kinds of shoes up there, you can't go up there.
M: Chill out.

Then my mom walked away. Guess he lost a sale.
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