Trish (dyskra) wrote in bad_service,

Not horrible, but still ...gah!

I'm a genius wonderful mother who knocked over half of her sons antibiotic syrup...I called the doctor, they said they called in a refill, and then I called CVS to double check that it was called in ......I had this conversation.

Intro stuff. lala.

Phone Lady: CVS Pharmacy, (someone speaking). How may I help you?
Me: Yes. I was calling in to check and see if my doctor called in a prescription for my son
Phone Lady: Well then I suggest your son call in to find out
Me: I'm sorry, but he's only two years old. Can you please tell me if there's a prescription there for (son)?
Phone Lady: Yes, when you put him on the phone
Me: He is two years old..He was only born in 2005 - he's not really capable of having a phone conversation. Is there someone else I can talk to?
Phone Lady: You do understand we're busy and you really need to get your son to take care of this.
Me: (I raised my voice because I'm a emo/tempermental bitch) HE IS TWO YEARS OLD. He cannot take care of it!
Phone Lady: Do /you/ need any assistance today?
Me: Apparently not!
Phone Lady: (click)

.....Yeah. Thanks Lady. It was a lovely way to start my day.

I'm guessing/hoping that this lady is just frustrated by the fact the pharmacy is right next to a ton of colleges (Notre Dame, St. Mary's, IUSB, etc) and is sick of helicopter parents. . . . But for chrissakes listen to what I'm saying! PLEASE!

Although if I'm thinking right, she's a lady I've had problems with before. I didn't have insurance for awhile, so I always paid cash. Whenever I went to pay the prescription, she said "You realize you DO have to pay for this? As" Yeaaah. I didn't even use a debit/check - I always brought cash for that stuff.  At one point she asked me if it was real money. (A bunch of the latest 20s)

Yes, your job may suck ass - but stop freaking taking it out on the people who aren't doing anything. Same pharmacy for all my life (well they changed locations - same pharmacists through the whole time), my dad was in a frat with both of the pharmacists. If I ripped anyone off, you would be my last concern - I'd be getting the much deserved ass kicking from someone else. Grr


Must wake brain now. Rar.

<B>Edit:</B> They should have my ID on file - for my sons account. I have no problem providing ID again when picking up...I just wanted to know if I would waste the trip all the way out there for nothing. It wouldn't be the first time.
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