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hi there.

i will spare you the details of the major plumbing issues we are having here but after three weeks of this .... my roommates finally called a plumber at the first of the month when we all got our disability checks. we called on friday. the lady said the plumber would be out on monday morning at around 10 am. Just great, right?

I have extreme anxiety and my roommates and I figured it would be best if I was not here while the plumber was here. so we found out that Wal-Mart opens at 8 every day. my roommate took me over to wal-mart at 9, and i was going to be there for 2 hours or until the plumber left. five hours later my roommate came to get me. i was sitting drinking a coffee at the dunkin' donuts. the plumber had never shown up.

my roommate had called the place to find out what was going on, and the person who answered the phone said they'd call back. they never called back, either. when we called a second time, just before they close for the night, the plumber answered the phone, rather than the office worker. he apparently saw a note that my roommate had called, but the office worker had failed to add us to his schedule. so, he apparently added us himself, to his schedule for tomorrow.

my roommate wants to believe they'll really actually be here tomorrow but at the same time doesn't want to take me back to Wal-Mart in case i'm stuck there another 5 hours.

so i guess i will just be a basket case tomorrow

see my related post (titled wal-mart) in goodservice if you want. peace to you and yours,

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