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Last.fm - how do I make it stop?

I had a problem with the last.fm player, and filled in the little email form for assistance. Shortly afterwards, I received the following email:


Thanks for contacting Last.fm. We personally read every message which we receive and endeavour to answer as many requests as possible.

Please bear with us until a member of our support team can see to issuing a reply to your question, or comment.

The Last.fm Customer Service & Support Team

All good, right? Nice little form email, telling me they got the message.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago, when I got back to my place to discover that their system had sent me the same email another 5 times, once every hour, at 8 minutes past. Each with a different ticket number.

I get that they want me to be patient, but spamming me with form letters is not the way to go.

Hopefully, it's just a computer glitch, and it'll stop soon.

ETA: And here comes #7, right on time.
ETA#2: I've woken up to discover that I received another 9 overnight, for a grand total of 16 so far.
ETA#3: And now the player appears to have fixed itself, so I don't even need their help anymore. Awesome.

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