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Unresolved credit union suckage & other financial crappiness

My husband took out a small (less than $1000) loan from a credit union back back in January/February '06. He paid $100, give or take, a month until the loan was paid off. The end.

We recently received a statement from the credit union, indicating he was still making payments on a loan, that from as far back as they show the statements, is for at least $1250. They show that my husband still has just under $900 of this ghost loan to pay off.

We're both totally confused as to where the hell this loan came from. He borrowed $600-$800 dollars to buy me an engagement/wedding ring and that loan was paid off (from what we calculated with the payment amounts he was making) since at least November.

He calls the credit union to find out what the hell is going on and they only have documentation on the small loan. They were pretty confused about what this larger loan was too. They said they were going to call somebody in the loan office to "get to the bottom of this" and call him back later today. They haven't called back.

They're in the process of getting to the bottom of it, but the bad_service part is whatever glitch they allowed to happen to have this larger loan show up on his account that he's been unknowingly paying off.

As far as my husband goes, he's totally unsaavy with financial situations. He never checks his statements and has recently been the victim of credit card fraud (somebody stole his credit card # and charged shit to it), didn't take care of some credit card payments that recently got him in trouble with his chain of command (we're both military). So, needless to say I've had to take it upon myself to start babysitting all of his accounts to make sure things get back to order and he's doing what he's supposed to.

I don't know if this is another attack of fraud, but I figure they'd have some sort of documentation of another loan taken out if it was.

The preceeding may or may not be considered bad_service, but until it's resolved and the problem is figured out, it appeals to my bad_service eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My husband and I bought a mattress and boxspring from a discount warehouse in town several months back. We paid in full. They delivered it. The end.

A month or so after we bought it, somebody from the discount warehouse called my husband's work office, stating that somebody named "Kevin" owed the store $200. My husband's command (keep in mind we're military and they'll kick your ass if you fuck up in life to any degree) though it was him, as his name is Devin. My husband told them that he paid in full and had no outstanding balance on the bed we bought. They didn't believe him for one reason or another, so they sent him home to find the receipt for the bed. We couldn't find the receipt. We both looked everywhere and through our records files. No receipt. As an alternative, though I wasn't sure how much it would help, I told my husband to pull up his bank statement from the day we bought it to show his command.

A few hours pass and my husband comes home crying because they made him pay the warehouse the $200. They didn't have to provide any receipt or anything from my husband's command to believe them over him (he hadn't done anything previously to show he's not trustworthy). A couple of days later, we call the warehouse and we find out that the guy who had called about the "outstanding balance" my husband owed was a disgruntled employee who had recently been fired (or quit) and so my husband was SOL on $200 we really needed for groceries (which is part of another bad_service).

recap: Bad_service was employee scamming my husband out of $200 and my husband's command not helping out their troup and forcing him to hand over the money to a scammer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The bad_service preceeding the above that left us in a financial bind...

My husband (he has such a fucking track record with finances! It drives me mad!) took out a couple hundred dollars from an ATM on base to fund our weekend trip to Charelston so he would know exactly how much he was spending. The weekend goes off without a hitch, but come sunday, we went shopping for groceries. I had little in my bank account and no room left on my credit card, so it was up to my husband to fund our monthly groceries, which he usually does. We buy our food (which we desperately needed), and he swipes his debit card and it's declined. It doesn't work as credit either and I can't pay for the groceries, so we leave our bags with the cashier and leave to our car, where he calls his bank to find out what the hell happened with his card. It turns out the couple hundred dollar withdrawal caused his account to be flagged at the start of the weekend and frozen. It was a holiday on monday and it would take 3 days for the account to be unfrozen. They had alledgedly mailed out a notification of what happened (which we never got) on friday, wouldn't get until tuesday or wednesday. We didn't get paid for another week or so, so this really sucked for us. 4 days until we could buy food, because they thought a couple hundred dollars warranted a frozen bank account??

The last time I checked, $500 was what banks and credit card companies were looking at as a flag on somebody's account for possible fraud (as that's what happened with my husband's credit card... they bought just under that $500 limit to stay under the radar - it was a Chase-wide scam having to do with telemarketing devices). That AND it was the worst possible weekend to freeze an account and MAIL a notifcation, as it was a long weekend. Why couldn't they CALL??? Maybe even EMAIL?! It may be standard practice & policy but it's a BAD PRACTICE & POLICY.

Ugh. Fuck Washington Mutual, for more than just that as well. Good thing I got my husband to realize their consistent evil and switch to a more military/gov't-friendly banking (USAA).
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