Garrett Fitzgerald (sarekofvulcan) wrote in bad_service,
Garrett Fitzgerald

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Sorry, I didn't know coffee shops weren't for hanging out in...

So, last night, I was having trouble working on a programming project, so I decided to pack up and go to the local Tim Horton's. I get there at midnight -- after about an hour of dithering (no, studying WordPress PHP code is _not_ what you came here for), I lock into programming mode, and manage to stay there for around 4 hours, not counting the break for breakfast, once they actually started serving it.

Around 6 AM, as I was getting ready to go home and wake up the family for school, the owner arrives, and comes over to my table. He tells me that he doesn't want his 24-hour coffee shop turning into a hangout, and that I could not stay that long. Since I can't understand how an almost-middle-aged computer geek is someone you don't want hanging out in your practically-empty restaurant, I told him that I would be taking my business elsewhere in the future. He apparently had no problem with this.
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