The Red Horror (pseudopunk) wrote in bad_service,
The Red Horror

Where's the beef?!

Okay, the girl was nice enough, so I hate even having to post this. But it seriously bothered me, because Wawa (a 24-hour convenience store/deli for those not in the area) has NEVER fucked up before. Wawa is my heaven. This girl though.. me and my friend went in around midnight (meaning not busy in the least) last night and ordered a couple sandwiches. First, for some odd reason, right after we put the orders in, she got this really pissed off look on her face and stormed into the back for a couple minutes. Me and my friend did not know what to make of that, so we just wandered the store getting the rest of our stuff and hoped she'd come back out soon. Well, she did, and had magically become pleasant, which we found odd, but just shrugged it off. She started making our sandwiches and made small talk. And then continued making the sandwiches. And continued. FOREVER. I have never seen anybody work so slow in my life, but that's not really what I'm complaining about. Hey, I'll even take part of the blame because we were distracting her. Here's the reason I'm posting. Me and my friend get back to the house and open our sandwiches. He ordered a cheese sandwich- instead of the nine slices they're supposed to put on there, he got three. A third of what he paid for. I had ordered an Italian (and I checked the receipt to make sure I hadn't accidentally ordered the wrong thing)- and I got the exact same thing he got. Three slices of cheese, with no meat to be found anywhere. Italian means cheese with salami, ham, and other MEATS. How do you forget the most important part of the sandwich? I know this doesn't sound that bad in retrospect, but seriously. When you're hungry, it's a BIG deal. I just can not understand how you can fuck up two sandwiches in a row when they are for the ONLY two customers in the store. Maybe she was new. Who knows. I'll let her off the hook. I just needed to vent about my lack of midnight snack.

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