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Annoying Furniture Delivery

I am considering writing a “strongly worded letter”, but thought I should run it by others first, to make sure this really is fairly bad service, not just me being cranky. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered a coffee-table, end table and occasional table online. There were two shipping options - the one that would drop your furniture off at the door, and not go up any stairs, and the "white glove" option, which (for $150 more) would bring your furniture where you want it and set it up. Since I live on the upper floor of an apartment building, and am WAY too pregnant to be schlepping heavy furniture, I opted to pay for the more expensive shipping.

In short order, I got a message that the furniture had left the factory, and I should expect a call about shipping. Hooray for quick online retailers! I got the shipping call two days later (hooray again!) and set up the delivery window for Tuesday between 12 - 4, since my building only allows deliveries between 9 - 5. I took the afternoon off of work that day, and waited patiently for my furniture to arrive. And waited....

At 3:45, I called the cell phone number they had given me for the driver. The driver said that he would be late, as he was currently in a city over an hour away, and had no hand-truck. He called back a half hour later (4:15) asking how to get to my city and home. He hadn't bothered to print out directions.

I gave him directions. An hour later, he called, saying the directions I gave wouldn't work, as his truck couldn't travel under bridges or on parkways. My husband gave him the "truck-friendly" directions, and at 5:45, I got a call saying they were right next door, and should be there in a few minutes. After about 10 minutes had passed with no delivery, I walked next door.

The delivery men were driving a HUGE tractor-trailer, and had pulled into a narrow alley parking lot, in which they got stuck. After 1/2 hour, they got turned around, and announced that since they were running so late, they would just drop the boxes in my lobby and leave. I (very politely, in the quiet, scary tone of voice) threw a fit. Begrudgingly, they brought the three boxes up to my apartment.

The delivery men left packing materials all over my apartment and the hallway. It was well after 7pm by the time the delivery was complete. Along with the sign off sheet, there was a "customer satisfaction" survey. I gave the furniture a 10 (it was beautiful, and in perfect condition) and the delivery a 1 out of 10. The driver started complaining loudly at the low score, and wrote a note about how nothing was his fault. When I pointed out that I would likely be fined by my building because of the late delivery (which it turned out I wasn't, as I went and vacuumed the entire hallway, and they felt that was sufficient), he said that was my own damn problem.

While I am delighted with the furniture, the hassle of delivery took the fun out of it. I want to write to the furniture company, letting them know 1. How pleased I am with their product, and 2. That they should really consider getting a different delivery company, who resemble the three stooges a bit less.
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