Leila (muchlikefalling) wrote in bad_service,

Regis in Braintree, MA

Okay, the "stylist," whatever, lady, was half an hour late for my appointment, then after I told her what I wanted done (remarkably simple. dye my roots.) she puttered over it for twenty minutes, made me sign permission slips saying that i couldn't call and complain if my hair fell out and shit, and all I wanted was the roots of my highlights dyed blonde. i have medium brown hair and i explained to her over and over again growing increasingly agitated that I don't give a rats ass if my hair "falls out" (which it won't. it never has, it won't. Even if it did, I don't fucking care. It's hair. It'll GROW BACK.) What did she say? "I'm not comfortable doing this. You're going to leave and say bad things about the Salon and Me. My name is attached to This Head [pats my head] once I do your hair." I couldn't believe she was serious. Apparently no one in the world with fine hair can have it dyed. Fuck you lady. I should have put up a greater fuss but I was just so shocked that she REFUSED TO DO IT, I wanted to cry. The worst I said was, "Well then I'll go SOMEWHERE ELSE and get it done!!!" Fucking unbelievable. Wasted an hour of my day. What, she's Above Me because she got a fuckin AA at Blaine in Hair Coloring??? Wow, I was pissed. ??? DO NOT GO THERE!
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