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I got off the bus today and walked the 100 metres or so to the front door of my work. I went to reach into the front pouch of my camera bag for the swipe card to allow me to get in when I realized I didn't have my bag with me. Contained in my camera bag is my Canon Rebel XT (approx $1200 a year ago, around $900 now I think), my cell, my bus pass, my debit card, everything.

After my co-worker let me in, I flew to the phone in a panic and called the HRM call centre. These people are able to get in touch with dispatch, lost and found, whatever. I explained to the girl who answered that I got off the bus less than 2 minutes ago and could she please radio the bus and have him hold the bag? Immediately she put me through to the lost and found department which I found odd but figured that perhaps they could radio the bus driver. I explained my situation to the lady who took my number and said she would call soon.

Meanwhile, my co-worker (who had a car) took off after the bus in hopes of intersecting with it.

When I hadn't heard from lost and found for over 20 minutes (seriously, how long can it take to call a bus?) I called them back. They said they would call him soon, however, there was some emergency going on or something so they couldn't do it at the moment.

My co-worker calls me approx 30 minutes after I had gotten off the bus and told me she has my bag. When she gets back to the office, she told me that the bus driver told her that lost and found doesn't radio out to the buses, they just tell the drivers what to check for at the end of their shifts.

So a big fuck you to the call centre for passing the buck to the first person that popped in your head and also to the lost and found department for making me THINK you were doing something to help me when you weren't.

Also, my co-worker is going to get flowers and chocolates tomorrow because she is amazing :D
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