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My friend and I went out for an early shopping trip on Saturday. We stopped at Best Buy first so I could pick up the new Justin Timberlake CD. I popped it into her CD player, but I stuck the case in my handbag, not thinking it would become an issue. We headed over to the mall, and our first stop was Sam Goody, so I could pick up her belated Christmas present - a pink iPod nano. Yeah, I know I'm a bit late, but I rarely get a chance to go shopping thanks to work and school.

We walked into Sam Goody, and immediately, the alarm goes off. We stopped, and from where we were could see the cashier, who told us to head over to who I assumed was the manager. We waved us over, and asked us rather rudely what we were carrying in her handbags. I explain that I had my iPod on me, which was probably the culprit, but he ignored me, and continued to ask my friend if she was wearing anything from Hollister, which I still don't understand the meaning of. She said no. He then asked her what she had in her handbag again, and she responded the only thing she could think of was her mobile phone, but it's never been a problem before. He waved her closer and reached out for her handbag, and then slipped it off her shoulder. She looked shocked, but didn't say anything as he swiped it over the deactivation strip on the counter in front of him, and then opened her bag and started to look through it. She promptly snatched it back, and he told us to walk through the censor in the entrance again. Still a bit shocked, we complied, but I went first, and it was obvious that I was the one who set it off. Again, he asked my friend to come back over. She decided to ignore him and walk around to where the iPods were, but she was visibley uncomfortable, and the manager followed us around as we looked. About about 30 seconds later, she said she wanted to leave. And of course, on our way out, I set off the censor again, but rather than stop, we sped up and walked over to Macy*s.

She started flipping out, and I didn't really realize that the manager hadn't paid any attention to me, even after I told him I was carrying an iPod in my bag, but he definitely made my friend out to be a thief. The odd part was, I was dressed up in a tight, black shirt and jeans, and carrying an oversized Coach handbag, while she was wearing a slightly baggy sweatshirt and carrying.. well, it wasn't a Coach bag. She pointed out that if she had to single out one of us as a thief, she would have picked the one who looked like they had more expensive things on and with them. Regardless, we only walked into the fucking store - it wasn't like we had been browsing, walked out, and then set off the alarm. To treat her like she was shoplifting when she wasn't even 6 inches in the door is absolutely ridiculous.

We walked into Macy*s, and the alarm didn't go off, so we figured we were okay. We picked up a few things, including some jewelry, and headed back out the same way we came in. This time, the alarm went off. The woman standing at the entrance apologized and said it was probably my jewelry, and swiped it over the deactivizing strip. We walk through the entrace once more, this time my friend staying far behind me, and guess what - it goes off again. The woman waved us on, but I was determined to figure out what the hell was setting off the alarm. I open my handbag, and wouldn't you know: the empty case for the new Justin Timberlake CD. The woman saw the CD case, and asked if she could see it. She flipped it over, and found a small, silver strip that obviously Best Buy hadn't properly deactivated. She ran it over her deactivating strip, and apologized again, and sent us out the door. Wouldn't you know, the alarm doesn't go off! I felt a bit stupid for not thinking of it before, but we headed back towards the T-Mobile store, which meant we had to pass Sam Goody again. So, I told my friend to wait outside, and I walked into the store, and came face-to-face with the manager, and told him that we figured out I had been carrying a CD case that was never deactivated, and the woman at Macy*s politely deactivated it for us without having to search our handbags, even though we had walked into the store without a problem and then spent a good 30 minutes inside the store, meaning we probably could have snuck something in our bags. I then told him that if he was going to accuse people of stealing before they even make it inside the store, he was going to lose a lot of business - including the $200 for the iPod and the $125 speakers for my iPod that I was getting, which I ended up going back to Best Buy for. He looked more annoyed that worried, and made himself sound even worse when he said, "Well, can you blame me? Did you look at your friend? She does look like a shoplifter." I was at a complete loss for words, and about to knock him out, but instead, I turned around left.

I'm fucking livid. I'd say it was a sexist or a racist thing, since he was both male and black, and we were both female and white, but then why would he accuse her and not even acknowledge me?

Not to mention this is the SAME Sam Goody that I bought an iPod adapter for my car from, and it was one that plugs into your cigarette lighter and supports the iPod at the same time. 10 minutes after I bought it, I put it into my cigarette lighter, and it doesn't work. I tried to take it back out again, and it pulls out the entire mechanism from the inside of the console. I took it right back to the store, of course, where a different, but equally stupid, manager tells me that she won't refund my money because the package is open, she will only exchange it. Except, you sold me a BROKEN iPod adapter that then BROKE my cigarette lighter. Her response? "Well, how do you know the cigarette lighter wasn't about to break? I bet you drive an old car." Uh, excuse me? I drive a 2005 Ford Mustang, and I use the cigarette lighter every damn day for my fuzz buster with absolutely no problem. I told her this, and she said because I use it every day, I probably wore it out and I should learn how to take care of my car. 6 days and 4 phone calls to the store manager later, I ended up getting my money refunded, but I still have to push my cigarette lighter wires back in everytime I take anything out of my cigarette lighter, and it no longer holds my cigarette lighter in when it warms it up.

I REALLY want to talk to someone higher up about all of this, especially Saturday, but I have no idea what either managers' name was, and I really don't think it's going to do anything.
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