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I don't know if this counts, but DAMN did it piss me off.

My school's campus has been infected with a highly contagious norovirus that has pretty much everyone either very sick or very paranoid. It's similar to a really bad stomach flu and students had been going to the hospital for it. It seems it came from the badly cleaned cafeteria (which is another suck).

After a series of paranoid e-mails, the Provost decided to hire a cleaning company to come and scrub down everything on campus. Including the residence halls. I live in the apartment style building, where we have a kitchen and our own seperate and private bathroom, as opposed to a communal floor bathroom. As soon as myself and my roommates heard about the virus, we cleaned the entire suite; the kitchen, the bathrooms, the door knobs, everything. I read the e-mail explaining that every residence hall bathroom had to be cleaned, and figured I would politely tell the cleaners that it had already been cleaned.

Around 6pm, a strange man carrying a rag and a big bucket walked into my dorm room. He didn't knock or anything. Just opened the door and walked right in. God forbid if I was changing or anything! Then he walked straight into the bathroom (again without knocking, god forbid if someone was using the toliet or showering) and... just stood there. Never once did he address me.

Completely shocked, I leaned over in my chair and politely informed him that we had already cleaned everything. He dumped the rag into the bucket of what I can only assume was bleach or cleaning solution, made a few token scrubs at the sink and said something Spanish, then in English "I clean, I clean!". Great, so he doesn't speak much English.

He didn't say anything else, didn't clean anything else. Just stood there for another moment, then walked back out. I was flabbergasted. What the FUCK was that? He didn't knock, he didn't even CLEAN! I was furious and still reeling from the two minutes of pure "what the fuck-ery". What the hell kind of cleaning service did my school hire? I especially love how it was one single guy, going into a girl's dorm room. I was immediatly freaked out. I didn't know who he was or what he was there for. He didn't announce "cleaning!" or anything else, just walked in! No knock! WTF.

An added wtf- I love how they said they want to "clean and sanitize" everything, yet they send the cleaning people around with a rag they aren't washing or changing between "cleanings" and a big bucket of some random cleaning supply. Oh yeah, that'll kill all those germs. My bathroom was totally clean, who knows what bateria was on that rag, after it had "cleaned" who knows how many other bathrooms.

Maybe I'm too easily pissed off, but this seriously made me angry. I'm considering writing a letter to the Provost, but I bet it will fall on deaf ears. Especially since the norovirus outbreak on campus was the top story on the local 11pm news. He's probably knee-deep in damage-control.
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