KAYLA! (kaylaaarg) wrote in bad_service,

A few months ago, I went to my local supermarket which closes at 10pm. I got there at around 9.05pm and saw the Deli girl leaving. I asked her If I could get some cold meats. 

She said she was rostered to finish at 9.00pm and has booked her taxi for 9.10pm, but she would serve me quickly even though she was no longer supposed to be there.

My request was simple enough. $2 of Turkey, Ham and Chicken. The Deli girl completed these parcels quickly enough. I picked up the packages and they were at $2.06, $1.89 and $2.15. Not $2 like I asked for. Again she was trying to leave, but I said "Hang on, I asked for $2 of each".

She looked at me sort of bug-eyed for a bit. She walked back around behind the counter and unwrapped each parcel. And re-weighed the one that was at $2.06 on the scale. She took a slice out. $1.78. She broke it in half and put half back in. $1.86. Put some more in. $1.97.

She was looking pretty pissed off and it was taking forever. I wasn't going to have any of that so I politely offered to take my business elsewhere and that some of us have a budget. She apologized and continued trying to get it at $2, which cannot be that hard.

In the end it was 9.30pm ish before I left. She still had to back away her meats and stuff, so I beat her outside. When I got in my car I saw a taxi driving away. I was quite pleased she missed her taxi and has to walk home. Idiot, If you cant do something as simple as getting $2 worth of meat, you deserve to get stabbed in the dark as you walk home.

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