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Hey guys, new member, long time lurker.

In December they built a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins down the street from me. I've had nothing but bad service every time I've gone there.

The first time I went there, it was right after they opened, so I expected things to be a little slow. I went to the Baskin half and decided on a Merry Mint Sundae (peppermint ice cream, hot fudge, pound cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream, marshmallow sauce, more cake, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a candy cane). I know, that's a complicated sundae to make, I understand. However, this was the exchange: (keep in mind there was a 16in x 20in poster on the wall)

Me: Hi, can I have a Merry Mint Sundae?
Guy: Um...*looks through the ice cream tubs*
Me: No, a merry mint sundae.
Guy: *looks at the ice cream again* I didn't hear what you wanted
Me:*louder* a merry mint sundae. Like the picture on the wall!
Guy: *goes to get a manager*
Manager: Hi I'm sorry, can I help you?
Me: Yeah can I have a merry mint sundae?

It took 5 minutes for him to make it because he was showing the other guy how to do it, and then when I finally got it the glass was all sticky and gross. But it doesn't end there. My friend ordered some peanut butter sundae or something, and the first one she got had a hair in it, so she took it back, and then she got another one, which had carmel in it, no peanut butter!

Another time I went to the dunkin drive thru and the girl was on her cell phone. I mean we were sitting at the speaker waiting for someone to help us, and we could hear her conversation ( Yeah I'll be there later. Ok. Well I'm at work. ) Finally she helps us, and then in the middle of our order she starts talking to the person on the phone again!

Once at baskin we wanted to buy an ice cream cake and they couldn't figure out how to use a coupon.

Another time a manager was lecturing an empoyee right in front of the register.

I went to pick up a dozen donuts for work and everyone behind the counter was fooling around, and while I'm trying to tell the girl what kind of donuts I want she's talking to her coworkers and other customers about her old principal.

Today I wanted a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on a croissant, and the girl told me that they didn't have any croissants, that they had blueberry, cinnamon raisin, poppy, onion, and some other kind of bagel. So I told her I would take the onion bagel. She repeats the order back: "Ok so that's a small double double, and a sausage, egg, and cheese sandwhich on a poppy bagel?" I correct her, and pull up to the window. Then she informs me that there are no onion bagels, so I ask if there's something else I can get the sandwich on, like an english muffin, or a biscuit. She goes to check and she finally finds out that there is an english muffin. I get my stuff and I pay and leave. No "have a nice day" or "thank you."

I think I've about had enough of this place.

Edited for spelling errors, though I think I may have missed a few

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