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Collection Agencies need to pull their collective heads out of their asses!

So a couple months ago when visiting my in-laws the s/o get's a call from a collection agency telling him that Columbia House has sold his account to them and he owe around $30. Now S/O closed his account years ago - no clue where this came from, asks to be called at home the next day for more info (thinking it's his ex). The next day when the agent called he asked for the contact with his signature to be mailed out and all related documentation to be include. She promises that we'll have it the next week.

Fast forward to last week, still no info package and we had forgot about it. Go help in-law set up for a local boat show, he hands over this little piece of paper. A new collection agency is calling. But they aren't nice. He gets this vaguely threatening message from them. The only info is initials NEC and a phone number.

Now comes the bad service part: Call in get Andrea - who asks for a reference number - when told he didn't have one proceeded to become belligerent. Yelling that it's his responsibility to have it, that he needs to pay - but at this point she still doesn't have very much info other than the in-laws phone number. When asked for the contract that has s/o's signature she screams it's his responsibility to get it! Then hangs up.

S/O is obviously not happy, he calls back and gets Andrea again - she hangs up. Lather, rinse, repeat x2. The last time she dumps him off to a co-worker Samantha. Poor Samantha, she's a little scared - he asks for her name, employee # - she gave him some provincial something or other number (sorry my memory sucks). As he's waiting for Samantha to pick up I call in on my cell (haha smart me! Not the same number!) I get Andrea! Lucky me - I work in a call center, I know how this shit works, it's time to bypass her and oh the contempt in her voice!

She puts me on hold, I have hold sucky hold music, that disappears and it looks like she dropped me too! Finally she comes back (dies of shock) tells me she'll transfer me to his voice mail (uggg). Imagine my shock when I get a voice on the other end! Confirm he's a manager (Marko), hand over the cell.

S/o confirms with Samantha that her manager's name is Marko and lets her go. He calmly explains his issue with Andrea. After explaining her absolute crap tastic phone skills, he goes on to explain the reason for his call. Marko doesn't seem to be any better than Andrea. After explaining it's the collection company's responsibility to provide proof that he signed a contract Marko blasts music (I'm guessing because s/o wouldn't let Marko talk over him)

By this time s/o has had enough and did it back - how do you like someone yelling in your ear? Marko hangs up. S/O calls back, goes straight to Marko. Marko makes threats - foolish man he gets hung up on. S/o calls back - gets a totally different agent, and gets transferred to Marko. On goes the conversation back and forth (but s/o is now being nice). Marko claims that he's going to get the charges to his 1800 # reversed if we keep calling. He decides the 29.xx isn't worth having to deal with us calling (by this time) 6 times a day.

So we get to wait for the next collection company to call the in-laws. Maybe they'll actually send us info. Or since each time the debt is sold it's at a loss we'll go through collection companies until they decided it's not worth it.

Still it's a 50 cent stamp to send out this 'contract' that s/o supposedly signed, what's so hard about that that the first collections company sold the debt?
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