Creeping Over the Pond (iluq) wrote in bad_service,
Creeping Over the Pond

Was this bad service?

I didn't think it was at the time, but more and more I am thinking it was now.

A few weeks ago I had just woken from a long nap, starving, and there was no food in my apartment. Since it was late at night and I was really tired, I ordered food online to have delivered. The amount came to around $13. I only had $20 bills in my wallet at the time. When the delivery guy showed up, he informed me that he didn't have any change. NONE. Now, I was only going to ask for about four dollars back, and he didn't even have that much on him. He made it seem like it was my responsibility to have the correct amount of change. Since I was really tired and grumpy and hungry I just gave him a $20 bill and told him to keep the change. He acted grateful, but I'm starting to think that he didn't bring change on purpose. Isn't it a delivery person's duty to make sure he's able to give customers change? It's not like I was trying to pay with a $100 bill or something. He was the one who should have been responsible.

Had I been less out of it I might have tried to go to the front desk at my apartment and ask them if they had change, but all I was thinking about at the time was food.

What would you do if you were in that situation? Would I have been right to tell him that if he can't give me change, I can't just give him a huge tip, since it's not my responsibility to make sure I have exact change when I order food? Just curious about how I could have handled the situation, besides paying with a credit card instead (which, of course, I would have to have specified before I ordered).

Maybe it was an honest mistake on his part, but I have my doubts.
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