Richard Harman (warewolf) wrote in bad_service,
Richard Harman

"You will need the classic controller." to play Wii Virtual Console games.

I bought a bunch of virtual console games, and found out I couldn't play them, because I don't have the classic controller -- when the wii store and's online links say you can use the game cube controller.

My e-mail through Nintendo's contact page:

I recently purcahsed three virtual console games in the Wii Store:

Mario Kart 64

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Super Mario 64

All three games state both online in the above links, and on the Wii Store that you can use both the Classic Controller, and the Game Cube controller to play these games. All three games when I attempted to play them say "You will need the classic controller." and refuse to play if a classic controller is not connected. I have not been able to locate classic controllers in stores, and find this extremely upsetting that I have spent $30 on virtual games I wanted to play for the first time, and cannot. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

[Edit: Okay, I got played the fool. Somebody changed the channel on the wavebird. It works just fine 8-) But I'm still put out about the "You will need the classic controller" part of the error message on the Wii. ]
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