The Forgotten Colloquialist (papermuse) wrote in bad_service,
The Forgotten Colloquialist

Doctors Office Bad Service

Here is my bad service yesterday. I ended up at the doctors office with my caffeine wired two year old (she gulped down a ton of my un sweet tea before I could confiscate it from her grubbies) for a sinus infection. Everything goes ok, I get seen, get some scrips and go to pay. I sign the form and hand it over and the receptionist tells me that I owe 2.50, would I like to take care of that too? Ummm, no, because I shouldnt owe 2.50. See, when I go to the doctor I pay full price-reason being is that I have a 5000 dollar deductible. Private insurance, crazy circumstances, a whole other rant in itself. But anyways, I always tell them when they ask my co-pay "Full price". So, tell me, how is it that I can owe 2.50? This is on top of the fact that I DO receive a discount from my insurance for using this office, 75 cents for going there, and then odd amounts off depending on the doctor I see, however, their office has never sent me a refund and when I say full price, they dont take off the discount and I pay what every Joe Shmoe really, they probably owe ME a considerable amount at this point in time that I have just been gracious enough to ignore because hey, I like my doctors. 

Well, I wouldnt have been so pissy over 2.50, except for the fact that the receptionist had an attitude about it AND decided to ignore me while I am wrestling with my caffeinated toddler trying to figure out 1)how I could owe their office 2.50 and 2)just trying to find out how much I have to pay for the visit, to talk to some twitty woman about some jeans she had brought in to the office for sale. When I finally got her attention again she rolled her eyes like "oh, you're still here?" and asked me if I was going to take care of it or not. I told her I would pay for the office visit but no, not the 2.50 as I will be investigating that since I tell them every time I go that I pay full price and if they miss-charged me then its not my fault, its theirs. 

So now, I have a computer print out of my office visits and what I payed (and it really makes no sense to me but anyways) and I will be receiving my explanation of benefits for the past two years from my insurance company next week. Next, I am going to add up all the EXTRA money they have received from my insurance company and then go in and inform them of how much money they actually owe ME. I know its a measly 2.50, but its the principle of the matter. When I over pay at my gynecologists office, they cut me a check and send it out, but this office has not ONCE done that, and the receptionist needs a swift kick in the ass and some lessons in customer service.

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