Kirsty (aphrael) wrote in bad_service,

I guess this isn't really bad_service yet, although I think the property agent should have told us about it.

So I finally moved out of the house with all the problems (I'm too lazy to link my previous posts, but there were a couple of them whinging about the lazy cheapskate landlord and property agent), and my fiance and I moved into a new place today, about 10 minutes down the road.

It seemed great, 3 bedrooms, large, great location, rent not too astronomical. Until tonight, when we decide we'll have a bath. We're hot and sweaty and smelly from moving shit all day long, and we're really looking forward to it. Then we realise whoever lived here before stole the plug for the bath. And the sink in the bathroom. And the other 2 plugs in the house don't fit. Fine, says I, we'll just put a plastic bag in the drain and one of us can sit on it until we buy plugs tomorrow. So I turn on the hot water tap, and the thinnest, slowest stream of water comes out. And takes forever and a day to get hot - and still hasn't even covered the bottom of the bath. We decided to forget that, and have a shower instead - we turned on the hot water as far as it would go, and it was only slightly more than a trickle. Once I turned on the cold tap pretty much at all it got too cold to have a shower in, so it has to be the trickle-stream or nothing. My fiance went out and removed the spider cage (a huge wooden frame around the electric hot water system housing spiders and whatnot - stupid idea) and has a look at the hot water system, but there's no buttons or switches or anything to indicate we need to do anything. And besides, it's not like we're getting NO hot water, just not enough to shower/bathe in, and it would take half an hour to fill a sink to do dishes.

I am seriously unimpressed - we now have to go back to our old house (our lease ends on the 7th so although we've moved all our shit out, our utilities are on until then) and have a shower. Since it's Friday night, we can't contact the real estate people until Monday. There is a 24/7 number on the lease, but it's for emergencies - is not being able to shower an emergency? I have no idea. I'm just really shitty, and if this is a permanent thing - ie a feature of the property that's not going to get any better, can we break the lease because we weren't told about it? A shower is seriously not doable here. Can anyone help? As if it's not enough that there's dog poo on the back lawn from the previous people we've asked to be cleaned up, and insecure windows we've asked to be fixed. I can deal with that, but not with no showers.
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