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Response from Domino's

Response to THIS POST

March 01, 2007



Dominos Case #: _________


Dear Ms. Short,


Thank you for taking the time to contact the Domino's Pizza Customer Care Team about your experience of being unable to place an order with your cellular phone.  As one of our customers, your comments are extremely important to us.  For a number of reasons the persons in our stores need to have some indication about the identity of callers before sending our team members out to make a delivery.  As a result, our stores are equipped with a caller identification system, where that service is available. However, our caller identification system can not always recognize calls made from cellular phones.  In some instances this can present a security issue for our team members.


We know that customers such as you are not the source of our problem but in order to operate thousands of stores across the country we must establish certain operating rules and procedures.  One of these is not to accept orders from cellular phones unless prior arrangements have been made to establish the caller as one of our customers.

In addition, a large number of Domino's Pizza stores are locally owned and operated by independent franchisees.  Franchisees may have established their own operating policies concerning orders from cellular phones that may be different from the policies I have described above.


May we suggest that you contact your neighborhood Domino's Pizza store and ask to make arrangements for establishing you as a known customer who may, from time to time, place an order over your cellular phone?  Some type of "password" or other identification may need to be established.  This is the process that is currently followed in many of our company-owned stores, but some franchisees may not be accepting cell phone orders at this time and this option may not be available in those stores.


You are important to us and to our franchisees and we do understand your concerns.  At the same time, we hope that you understand the reason behind cell phone order policies and that you will contact your local Domino's Pizza store and make arrangements for placing future orders with your cell phone.  Thank you for your time and consideration.





Domino's Pizza Customer Care T.E.A.M.


My response:


Thank you for your time,

(In response to the reason for the policy- I responded to parts individually)


Ok, I seem to be getting the run around here. The point I am making is that I _am_ and existing customer. I can understand the policy wholly, but it's flawed for at least a couple reasons:

1. If you're worried about prank callers, make a policy stating that people calling from cellular phones have to provide you with a credit card that must be verified upon delivery. I have never been asked to verify the name on a credit card slip at the Domino's in question, by the way.

2. If it's a safety issue, just having a landline does not keep your drivers safe. A pay phone is till considered a land line and it shows up as such.

That's 24 million Americans without landline phones.

It is the year 2007. I know possibly a handful of people who still have landline phones. I wonder if those people will continue to be customers knowing that the Domino's in their area refuses service to people that use cell phones as their sole means of phone communication. Also, The Domino's in question does not have online ordering. I'm hoping that they join the competition in providing better service.

(I also added that I would be contacting the franchise with the same complaints I gave there)

At the end:

While I know this isn't your fault, I think that someone in charge should see these things. It doesn't take a moron to realize that you'll be losing business hand over fist unles something changes.



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